Faith Development

fd-300x134Ossory Adult Faith Development which works to serve the diocese is located here in St Kieran’s College.  This group works to assist in and support the ongoing faith development of the Adults of the Diocese.  The group was established in September 2009 and it has taken as its framework the following model of operation:

1)    Disseminate information:

  • Acknowledging the interest that may exist among people to pursue a deeper knowledge of the faith, or a more structured and rigorous approach to studying the faith, it would be the task of the adult faith development group to offer information on the many courses and distant learning opportunities which are available throughout the country.  I have in mind here that which is available in centres such as, but obviously not limited to, The Priory, Miltown, Maynooth, Carlow, Thurles etc…
  • Explore the need for resources such as, or similar to, a baptismal brochure, a wedding brochure etc… that may help augment some of the many points of contact and opportunities for catechesis that we already have with people in the parishes.

2)    Support parishes and other existing groups/structures within the diocese:

  • Recognising the vast resources that exist throughout the diocese it would be the task of this group to encourage and actively support parishes and structures already in place to run their own faith development programmes.
  • Support new and emerging groups in the diocese, such as parish pastoral councils, in their work, by providing information, resources, training evenings or inputs etc…, and in a similar fashion offer support to the various ministries within the parishes.
  • Support and encourage the formation of study groups or reading groups in parishes around the diocese.
  • Support parishes in organising and running different occasions that may be embraced as opportunities to offer moments of catechesis. An example of which might be seen in our recent work with the parish of Ballycallan in celebrating the 150th anniversary of Killaloe church.  As part of these celebrations, and following meetings with the parish, three liturgies have been planned.  We have already celebrated two of these, the first a celebration for those who were baptised during the past 5 years and the second an evening to celebrate the gifts and talents of the young people of the parish. Occasions such as these offer the chance to develop our understanding of the faith in a manner that is not only accessible but also of interest to people.

3)    Organise and run courses (in various locations throughout the diocese):

  • Offer some 4/5 week courses on different aspects of the faith.
  • Offer day courses on certain aspects of the faith.
  • Offer one-off night courses on different questions of the faith.
  • Explore the possibility of offering annually a larger one-weekend course on some particular aspect of the faith or some topical faith question.