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College Record 1982


The first issue of St. Kieran’s CollegeRecord appear­ed in the 174th academic year of the College. This issue, coming in the 200th academic year, has by that very fact been a more challenging undertaking than any of its predecessors. It would take an entire volume to do justice to the inspiring celebrations of the Bicentenary which were so generously sup­ported and deeply appreciated by all living alumni of the College. It was the stuff of which memories are made. Hopefully this volume will help perpet­uate those memories. The College Record has to chroniele the ordinary as well as the extraordinary even ts. Ideally, every student in whatever capacity he partakes in College life should have his own niche, even if by name only, for today’s reporting is tomorrow’s history. In this matter the present issue has a more difficult task. Whereas the earlier issues appeared bienially, it is now six years since the last issue. In a publication such as this there is a pre­dictable inevitability about events to be recorded. One event, however, not in that category is the death of our late Patron, Bishop Peter Birch – an event which broke on us with shattering suddeness. As Historian of the College he was the most knowledge­able individual on all aspects, current and historical, of College life. His interest was deep and genuine, and he was very generous towards the College Re­cord. It is sad, though true, to say that the College has to report the loss of its greatest friend in this, perhaps the most memorable edition of the Record. I am glad to say that his successor, Bishop Laurence Forristal shows every sign of continuing that deep interest in and care for St. Kieran’s. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to tell you that all editors of past College Records have agreed to act on an editorial board for this issue, putting their cumulative wisdom at the disposal of the Editor-in-chief. Regretfully the editor of the first issue (19 5 5-5 6), James Maher of Mullinahone has long since gone to his eternal reward. More rec­ently Fr. Dan Collier who edited the 1960 issue has been called home by the Lord he served so well. To these and to all who helped in any way, I wish to express the gratitude of the College. To all who laboured with such dedication to make the ideals we all had for the recent celebrations come to a most satisfying and fruitful reality, unqual­ified credit and gratitude are offered. To all who were part of the simple though significant events of the years recorded here, St. Kieran’s says thanks and wishes you all God’s blessing and success in the years ahead. To our readers goes the kindest wish that you may have moments of happy reading and rem­iniscing as you tum the pages that follow, in what­ever occupation, in whatever country you may be. Finally may I make my own the words used by James Maher in greeting to the readers of the first College Record.

Go gcuiti Dia sibh go leir.

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Key Dates

Key Dates

Please note: It may be necessary to reschedule some of the below times and dates. Please check the school website throughout the year for confirmation of the most up to date information.

Thursday 24th
6th year students return at 8:50
Friday 25th
3rd year students return 8:50am/ 1st Year Induction at 11am
Monday 28th
2nd year, 5th year and TY students return to school at 8:50am
Monday 18th
Open Evening
Friday 22nd
Sports Day
Monday 25th
School Closed
Thursday 26th (4:15-6:45pm)
6th Year P/T Meeting (Provisional)
Friday 27th
Mid-Term Break Begins @ 1pm
Monday 6th
School Reopens after Mid-Term Break
Thursday 16th (4.15pm - 6.45pm)
3rd Year P/T Meeting (Provisional)
Thursday 23rd (4.15pm - 6.45pm)
5th Year P/T Meeting (Provisional)
Friday 24th
Staff Training Day (No School for Students)
Monday 27th
Staff Training Day (No School for Students)
Friday 22nd
Christmas Holidays Begin @ 1pm
Monday 8th
School Reopens after Christmas Holidays
Thursday 18th (4.15pm - 6.45pm)
1st Year P/T Meeting (Provisional)
Monday 22nd
Staff Training Day (No School for Students)
Thursday 25th (4.15pm - 6.45pm)
2nd Year P/T Meeting (Provisional)
Monday 29th (Jan) - Friday 9th (Feb)
Mock Examinations for JC & LC
Monday 5th
St Brigid's Day (School Closed)
Friday 9th
Mid -Term Break Begins @ 1pm
Monday 19th
School Reopens after Mid-Term Break
Thursday 22nd (4:15-6:45pm)
TY P/T Meeting (Provisional)
Friday 1st
St Kieran's Day Activities
Monday 18th
School Closed
Friday 22nd
Easter Holidays Begin @ 1pm
Monday 8th
School Reopens after Easter Holidays
Monday 6th
School Closed (Bank Holiday)
Tuesday 7th
School Closed
Friday 31st
Summer Holidays Begin
Wednesday 5th
Junior & Leaving cert exams start

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