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College Record 1960

WITH this third number of the College RECORD we are in a position to announce that it will be a biennial and will appear in the month of June in the year of its publication. This will be sufficiently frequent to cover the life of the College adequately and at the same time will not be so .frequent as to become burdensome for those involved in its production. It may be well to recall here a point made by His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Collier, in his Foreword to the first number four years ago. It is that the College magazine is intended primarily to be a record. Its title is significant and was not lightly chosen. It is to be a faith/ ul chronicle of the life of the College and of important events i’tl the life of past-pupils as far as that is possible. We hope that it will have the personal and intimate atmosphere one associates with a family. While the present student-body will naturally receive much attention, past-pupils, both lay and clerical, will not be neglected. In fact, it is only to be expected that the more interesting and varied items of news will be provided by our past-pupils. And in that regard we take this opportunity of thanking those patt-pupils who make a habit of sending news items which we would not be likely to hear otherwise. We have found those foreign newspapers and other publications which make their way to the College invaluable sources of information for our purpose and we hope that the happy custom of sending them will not only continue but increase. Our chief duty in this Editorial, however, is to acknowledge our indebtedness to those who have contributed articles to the present and previous numbers of the RECORD. We are deeply grateful for their magnificent response to our requests. Only too well are we aware of the time and trouble it will have cost them to provide something worth­while for our readers, and when we reflect that they have to do their writing at odd moments snatched from a busy life we are all the more appreciative of their co-operation. We are glad to say that so far we have had no shortage of contributors and we hope that that happy state will continue. It is scarcely necessary to add that literary con­tributions from past and present pupils will always be welcomed, and we hope that as many as can will avail of the hospitality of our pages. In thanking our present contributors we wish also to acknowledge permission of Monsignor McDonald of the Catholic University of America to publish his Address on the occasion of his Installation as Rector, and permission of Very Reverend Edward Dowling, parish priest of Camross, to make an extract from his notes on the history of the College which he has kindly made available to us. It is our intention to give further extracts from them from time to time. Finally, to the President and staff of the College we tender our gratitude for their indispensable assistance and encouragement at all times. And last, though by no means least, we thank our Advertisers for their valuable support.

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Key Dates

Wednesday 25th
Staff Day (No school for students)
Thursday 26th
6th Years return to school at 8:50am
Thursday 26th
Induction for First Year students at 2pm
Friday 27th
Third and Fifth Year students return at 8:50am
Monday 30th
Second Year and Transition Year students return to school at 8:50am
Friday 3rd
Leaving Certificate Results
Friday 17th
Sports Day (To be confirmed)
Monday 11th
TY Work Experience Begins
Friday 22nd
Mid-Term Break Begins
Monday 1st
School Reopens after Mid-Term Break
Thursday 4th
LC Careers Information Evening (TBC)
Thursday 11th
Sixth Year P/T Meeting (TBC)

Please note: It may be necessary to reschedule some of the above times and dates. Please check back to this webpage throughout the year for confirmation of the most up to date information.

Key Dates

Please note: It may be necessary to reschedule some of the below times and dates. Please check the school website throughout the year for confirmation of the most up to date information.

Friday 23rd
Sports Day for all students
Monday 26th
Open Night for Incoming First Years 2023 beginning at 6:30pm
Monday 17th - Friday 28th
TY Work Experience
Friday 28th
Midterm Break Begins at 1pm
Monday 7th
School reopens after Mid-Term Break at 8:50am
Thursday 10th
6th Year Careers Information Evening at 7pm
Thursday 17th
6th Year P/T meeting (4:15 -6:45pm)
Friday 25th
Staff Training Day - No school for students
Monday 28th
JCT Cluster Day - No school for students
Thursday 1st
3rd Year P/T meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Thursday 8th
5th Year P/T meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Monday 12th
Christmas Exams Begin (Provisional)
Wednesday 21st @1pm
Christmas Holidays Begin
Thursday 5th
School reopens after Christmas at 8:50am
Tuesday 12th
Subject Choice Meeting for 1st Year Parents
Thursday 19th
1st Year P/T Meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Thursday 26th
2nd Year P/T Meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Monday 6th
St Brigid's Day (School Closed)
Friday 10th @1pm
Mid-Term Break Begins
Monday 20th
Class resumes after Mid-Term Break (8:50am)
Thursday 23rd (7pm)
Subject Choice Meeting for TY Parents
Saturday 11th
Entrance Assessment Test
Thursday 9th
Transition Year P/T meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Thursday 17th
St Patrick's Day (School Closed)
Friday 31st @1pm
Easter Holidays Begin
Monday 17th @8:50am
School Reopens after Easter Holidays
Thursday 27th @7pm
Third Year Parents Information Evening for TY
Monday 1st
Bank Holiday (School Closed)
Tuesday 2nd
Free Day (School Closed)
Monday 23rd
End of Year Awards Night
Monday 29th
Summer Exams Begin (Provisional)
Friday 2nd @1pm
Summer Holidays Begin
Wednesday 7th
State Examinations Begin

Open Night 2022

Active School Flag

We are delighted to have been selected to participate in the Active School Flag Programme. This initiative has been rolled out across the country as Primary School level and is now being piloted amongst a small number of schools around Ireland at Post-Primary level. Our Active School Team of Transition Year students aim to help […]

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