25 May 2012|College Record

RECORD 2012I welcome with much gratitude the St Kieran’s College Record 2012. The main purpose of The Record is to chronicle all that has occurred and is happening since the last edition. It is with a source of great pride that I have the honour and pleasure in presenting this publication to you as I await confirmation of my successor as the next President.

This year, 2011/2012 is our 229th academic year. The results from the dedication and commitment of all involved in the life of our College flow through the pages of this year’s account of life at St Kieran’s – its continued growth, its ongoing development, its inclusive holistic and gospel centred approach to Irish education.

With the ongoing support of the Trustees, new services were not just initiated but developed, particularly in the areas of cutting edge I.T. Research and in Faith Development. These new services, in keeping with our founding aims of Education and Formation are proof positive that the College is alive and responsive to the emerging needs of not just our student body but the wider community – the outstanding success of the First Year of the Theological Studies Course Grade VII and the completion of the Burrell’s Hall I.T. Research Centre which is to be formally opened in May, are testimony to this.

For the financial year ending 31st August 2011, additions to our school buildings cost €191,446 and for the College € 57,870. Additions to furniture and fittings and equipment cost €88,402 and for the College €7404. The restructuring of our country’s finances continues to impact not just on the public purse, the budgets of the relevant government departments, but on all of us and especially on our parents, our students and their families.

Much hard work, great commitment and dedication has resulted in a very good year. Much thanks is due to Mr John Curtis, Principal, Mr Adrian Finan, Deputy Principal, my colleague Fr Dermot Ryan and the Chaplaincy Team, all the staff, the students and the student council, our parents and their association, my colleagues on the Board of Management, on the Board of Trustees and Bishop Freeman, our patron.

It is a most demanding time to be involved on the mission of education and formation at any level. However, as I reflect on the year past I continue to hold the strong belief that St Kieran’s is blessed with the gifts necessary to remain focused on its mission and that it will be able to face the demands and endless challenges that lie ahead.

Let us give thanks and bless the Lord.

Monsignor Kieron Kennedy