4 February 2011|College Record

I welcome with a gentle smile the 2009 edi- tion of St. Kieran’s College Record, which was first published in 1956. This edition, number twenty one, is not only a chronicle of life in the College during the past year but also reveals how St. Kieran’s has responded to the current needs of students and how it has planned for the future.

We are in our 226th academic year with one thousand registered students between the Secondary School and the Outreach Programme of N.U.I.M for mature students. At this point it is worth noting that N.U.I.M and St. Kieran’s College have agreed to work together for a further period of five years, which when completed will have been fifteen years of collaboration for the good of the wider community in Kilkenny, City, County and the region.

On 13th January 1782 after the repeal of the Penal Laws, the ‘earliest Catholic College in the Kingdom’ opened its doors to its first students. The two pillars of the school were education and formation. These pillars have remained rock solid over the centuries but have been expressed in different ways over the generations. St. Kieran’s, while remaining faithful to its mission and ethos has adapted and managed great changes over the decades. As you read this Record with a good heart you will become aware how St. Kieran’s has responded and how it continues to be ever renewed in keeping with our motto “Hiems Transiit” from The Old Testa- ment Book, The Song of Songs 2: 11 – 12

For lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth, Pruning time has come, And the voice of the turtledove Is heard in our land. For the financial year ending 31st August, 2008 additions

to our school buildings cost €488,362 and to the college buildings/roofing and four new apartments €1,243,510. Additions to furniture, fittings and equipment cost €167,854 and for the College €9,428. Creidim, the programme to pro- vide and develop adult religious education and faith forma-

tion in the Diocese of Ossory, cost €54,314 . It continues to be funded by the College Trustees as it goes through a period of review and evaluation.

Due to the severe economic downturn facing our country and its impact on the public finances and various government departments, St. Kieran’s has had to rely even more on the support of the College Trustees. After the visi- tation of the Trustees of the whole campus in 2004, I was in a position, with their approval, to put in place a programme of refurbishment and upgrading of all the buildings and facilities. This programme is almost complete and will be by the new school year, with their ongoing

commitment. It is important that we acknowledge with grat- itude that the Trustees’ Fund has invested €5,126,495 in the campus over these past years.

With a certain sense of pride I can state, and without fear of contradiction, that St. Kieran’s College is a good place to be as a student. While people visiting today are initially impressed on seeing the campus developments, it is the environment and sense of community in which they find themselves that sustains the positive nature of their com- ments. For this to happen it has taken solid commitment to our ethos, much hard work and dedication of all who make up the family that is St. Kieran’s today. Special thanks is due therefore to the Principal, Mr. John Curtis, the Deputy Princi- pal, Mr. Adrian Finan, the teachers and staff, my brother priest Fr. Sean O’Connor and members of the chaplaincy team, the students and their Council, the parents and their Association. In these difficult times, for all involved in education and for- mation, good management is most essential. With this in mind I thank my colleagues on The Board of Management, the College staff and the Trustees. It is through the commit- ment of all the stake holders that the great traditions that made St. Kieran’s are alive and well to-day.

Please enjoy reading this edition of The Record. You will find that its pages bring to life the community that is St. Kier- an’s today. A special thank you to all who made this publi- cation possible.

Monsignor Kieron Kennedy President