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Covid-19 Updates

Updated Covid Arrangements for Post Primary Schools

To all parents, students and staff of St Kieran’s College: Please click on the following link for a letter from Dr John Cuddihy, Acting National Clinical Director of Health Protection for the HSE regarding Return to School Guidance from HSE dated 5th January 2022.

Also, please click on the following link for updated Covid-19 arrangements for all Post-Primary schools issued by the Department of Education and Skills dated 5th January 2022.


Covid-19 Important Information for Parents

Important Information for Parents

This is to remind all parents to keep an eye on your and your son’s health and to check for symptoms of COVID-19. Symptoms of Covid-19 can include some or all of the following –  fever (temperature of 38C or higher), cough, shortness of breath, any loss or change to the senses of smell or taste, headache, sore throat, or a runny nose. If you or your son develops these symptoms they must self-isolate and contact their GP for advice regarding a COVID-19 test.

Even with high population uptake of COVID-19 vaccination, it is important that you continue to support everyone in the school community during the COVID-19 pandemic in the effective manner. Therefore, we are hereby reminding all parents to remind your son that all public health guidelines still need to be followed in school in order to protect the health of students and staff in the school. These guidelines include:

  • Wearing face coverings
  • Cleaning hands regularly
  • Maintaining physical distance from others
  • Being mindful of the ventilation of classrooms by opening windows and doors as appropriate

We greatly encourage all those who are eligible for vaccination within your school community to access appropriate information around this (available at https://www2.hse.ie/screening-and-vaccinations/covid-19-vaccine/) For those wishing to arrange vaccination, you can do so by either: registering for a vaccine using the HSE Vaccine Portal (https://vaccine.hse.ie/#register) OR by phoning the HSE at 1800 700 700



What is the advice for close contacts who are fully-vaccinated against COVID-19?

Close contacts who are fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 are required to restrict their movements until they receive a call from the HSE Contact Management Programme. During this call a review of each close contact’s vaccination (dates and type) and medical history will determine whether the vaccine is likely to provide “significant immunity” for them. The close contact will then be advised whether they can return to school or whether they need to continue to restrict movements.


When is a person considered to be fully-vaccinated?

  1. 7 days after receipt of the second Pfizer-BioNTech dose (two dose vaccination course)
  2. 15 days after receipt of the second AstraZeneca dose (two dose vaccination course)


What is the advice for close contacts who are not fully-vaccinated against COVID-19?

  • Close contacts who are not fully-vaccinated will need to go for two PCR tests for COVID-19, one as soon as possible and one on Day 10 after their last exposure to the COVID-19 case.
  • They will need to restrict their movements (stay at home) until the Day 10 test has been done. This includes not attending work or school.
  • If the Day 10 test result is “not detected” or negative, the pupil or staff member can return to school provided they do not have symptoms of COVID-19.


What about the families of those who are close contacts?

Other people who live at home with the close contact do not need to restrict their movements, provided the close contact has no Covid symptoms. This means they can continue to attend school. If the close contact tests positive for COVID-19, the household will then need to restrict their movements.


What if a close contact declines the COVID-19 test?

Testing is not mandatory. But if a close contact does not have a Day 10 test done, this means they need to continue to restrict their movements for 14 days after their last contact with the person with COVID-19.


More information

Up to date information and advice on COVID-19 is available on hse.ie.

We thank you for your help and support as we continue to live with COVID-19.


Reopening for the New School Year 2021-2022

We look forward to our return to school in late August. Please see the Key Dates section of our website for Return to School dates for your son(s). We will be updating this page of our website with important updates / advice / news from the Department of Education / HSE throughout the school year in relation to the latest Covid-19 safety guidelines. Please check this page regularly to keep up to date with the latest advice.

The following links provide advice for parents, students and their families upon the return to school beginning the end of August:

Click on the following link for  a wide variety of resources containing advice from the Department of Education regarding the return to school for parents, students and their families:

General Advice for Parents, Students and their Families

Also, multilingual advice for parents is available on the link below:

Multilingual Advice for Parents and Students 

Please see the following link for communication to parents regarding School Transport – SEN and Post Primary:

School Transport Information 

Also, information on assessment arrangements for Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Examinations 2022 are available below:

LC & JC Assessment Information 2022 


Leaving Cert Self-Service Portal – Phase 2

The State Examinations Commission (SEC) has announced the reopening of the Candidate Self Service Portal between 12 noon on Tuesday 27th April 2021 and 6pm on Friday 30th April 2021 for candidates to review and finalise their level selection and their choices of examinations, Accredited Grades or both for the 2021 Leaving Certificate for each subject in which they are entered. A comprehensive guide to this phase of the portal is attached and it has been published this afternoon on www.gov.ie/leavingcertificate and www.examinations.ie  Candidates have received a text message alerting them to the availability of the guide, with a follow-up e-mail issuing over the weekend. The Candidate Self Service Portal helpline will be available throughout Phase 2 on 1800-111135 or 1800-111136.

On 23rd February, the government announced that schools will reopen for Leaving Certificate students.

To refresh memories about our return to school protocols in line with the most recent HSE health guidelines and advice, we would encourage all parents to take time to view the following resources containing lots of relevant information regarding the reopening of schools.

For parental guides and information on Wellbeing, school transport and other resources visit HERE

For advice for parents and students visit HERE

For information on Covid-19 symptoms visit HERE

Also, see below for a letter from Ms Norma Foley, Minister for Education to all parents HERE

Quick Links

Key Dates

Key Dates

Please note: It may be necessary to reschedule some of the below times and dates. Please check the school website throughout the year for confirmation of the most up to date information.

Friday 23rd
Sports Day for all students
Monday 26th
Open Night for Incoming First Years 2023 beginning at 6:30pm
Monday 17th - Friday 28th
TY Work Experience
Thursday 27th
6th Year P/T Meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Friday 28th
Midterm Break Begins at 1pm
Monday 7th
School reopens after Mid-Term Break at 8:50am
Thursday 10th
6th Year Careers Information Evening for Parents at 7pm
Thursday 17th
5th Year P/T Meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Friday 25th
Staff Training Day - No school for students
Monday 28th
JCT Cluster Day - No school for students
Thursday 1st
3rd Year P/T meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Monday 12th
Christmas Exams Begin (Provisional)
Wednesday 21st @1pm
Christmas Holidays Begin
Thursday 5th
School reopens after Christmas at 8:50am
Thursday 12th
Subject Choice Meeting for 1st Year Parents
Thursday 19th
1st Year P/T Meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Thursday 26th
2nd Year P/T Meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Monday 6th
St Brigid's Day (School Closed)
Friday 10th @1pm
Mid-Term Break Begins
Monday 20th
Class resumes after Mid-Term Break (8:50am)
Thursday 23rd (7pm)
Subject Choice Meeting for TY Parents
Saturday 11th
Entrance Assessment Test
Thursday 9th
Transition Year P/T meeting (4:15-6:45pm)
Thursday 17th
St Patrick's Day (School Closed)
Monday 20th
JCT State Training Day (No School for Students)
Friday 31st @ 1pm
Easter Holidays Begin
Monday 17th @8:50am
School Reopens after Easter Holidays
Thursday 27th @7pm
Third Year Parents Information Evening for TY
Monday 1st
Bank Holiday (School Closed)
Tuesday 2nd
Free Day (School Closed)
Monday 23rd
End of Year Awards Night
Monday 29th
Summer Exams Begin (Provisional)
Friday 2nd @1pm
Summer Holidays Begin
Wednesday 7th
State Examinations Begin

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