“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you.”

Psalm 32:8

Mr Fergal Brennan

The Chaplain provides pastoral support to all of the school community. Its open door policy allows each member of the school community to come and receive support in a confidential and safe way.

Our school Chaplain is Mr Fergal Brennan. Mr Brennan, a past pupil of St Kieran’s, teaches Religion and Music. However, primarily, his work is to tend to the pastoral needs of all students and staff in the St Kieran’s College Community.

The Chaplain works closely with the other members of the pastoral care team such as the Guidance Counsellor, Ms Wemyss, Class Tutors, Year Heads and all class teachers. The Chaplain works in collaboration with the school management team in order to promote, facilitate and foster a caring school environment. In St Kieran’s College, the values of the Gospel are at the heart of our mission and the Chaplain plays a crucial role in the promotion of the Gospel values in the everyday interactions of students.

Our Chaplain ensures that the liturgical life of the school is well celebrated, such as the opening of the School Year, Advent, Lent, Feast Days specific to St Kieran’s College, Graduations and other important celebrations. Through leading and organising prayer, meditation and other forms of liturgy the Chaplain reminds the students that God is with them through life and in particular throughout the school year. The Chaplain also organises a retreat for each year group, thus giving the students some time out from the everyday treadmill of life to spend some time with friends and with God.