Past Pupils

When the College opened its doors for the first time in 1782 its goal was simple: the education and formation of each student to the highest standards based on the values of the gospel. It was therefore, right from the start, all about students. It is after all for them that the school came into existence. It is only right therefore that well over 200 years later that it is our students that mean the most to us still.

All of the memories that populate the glasshall, the faces in pictures on the walls, these are the men who called St Kieran’s home for the formative years of their school life. These are also the men who carried the proud name of St Kieran’s College into their workplaces, families, homes and world. And it is of them that we are most proud.

It is therefore important to us to maintain contact with our students throughout their lives, and maybe through us that you can keep contact together. After all we share sometime that cannot be taken from us – we are St Kieran’s, black and white, to the core!