Study – After School

The Study Hall in St Kieran's College

The Study Hall in St Kieran’s College

St. Kieran’s College has a proud academic record and pupils are encouraged to develop study patterns and a routine that will allow them to fulfil their potential in their time with us.  Three separate after-school study facilities affords pupils, especially those in the final year of their Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate courses, the opportunity to work in a supervised study facility after school.

Hall 33 is a focused study area for 1st and 2nd Year students. Located close to lockers, Hall 33 allows students to complete homework and develop their study techniques.

The Studyhall is a spacious room (an original boarding dormitory), dedicated for purpose of Non-Leaving Cert study (3rd and 5th years), that runs along an entire top floor of the school building.  It allows pupils to work in a supervised environment conducive to study and is a tremendous asset for the school to have.  It has proven to be very popular with pupils and is a very successful and productive aspect of school life.  If there is an excess of demand for places, preference is given to the students in the exam classes.

The Academy Hall is a dedicated Leaving Cert study centre. Warmly known as the ‘Ref’ (refectory in boarding days), this study centre is for Leaving Certs only.

Study in Academy Hall and the Studyhall commence at 4.15 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and runs until 6.45 pm. There is also a study session on Friday afternoon from 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm.  Study in Hall 33 begins at 4.15 pm and concludes at 5.45 pm Monday to Thursday and from 1.30 pm to 3 pm on Friday. There is a charge for study.

Please contact Ms Jo Staunton in the school office for any queries regarding our Study Club.