School Structure

photo1With a proud tradition as the oldest secondary school in Ireland, St Kieran’s College is the diocesan school of Ossory and is under the patronage of the Bishop of Ossory.

The College Trustees are the legal owners of the school who determine the purpose of the school and what it expects to achieve. The College Trustees appoint the Board of Management.

The Board of Management consists of 4 nominees of the trustees, 2 nominees of the parents (selected through the Parents’ Association), and 2 nominees of the teaching staff.  The Board serves for a three year term.  The College President is Chairman, and the Principal is the ex-officio Secretary of the Board.  It is entrusted by the Trustees to look after the conduct, management, and financial administration of the school in accordance with the school ethos.

The Principal and the Deputy Principals act on behalf of the Board of Management in ensuring that the management functions are fulfilled in the day to day running of the school.

Year Heads offer advice and support to the students in their year.  They will liaise with parents should any issue arise with regard to their son’s progress and conduct, and apply disciplinary sanctions when the need arises.

Form Teachers monitor the performance of the students in their group and liaise with the year head when necessary.

Learning Support and resource teaching  are provided for pupils who might require assistance in certain areas.

The Pastoral Care Programme draws on such areas as Social and Health Education and Chaplaincy to provide holistic care for our students.  A feature of the Pastoral Care Programme is the Cairdeas Programme, whereby First Year students are mentored by Senior students as they settle into their new environment.

Career Guidance is provided by our Guidance Counsellors and offers practical advise on careers and further studies.

The Parents’ Association consists of parents of students and meets on a regular basis, usually with the Principal in attendance.  At these meetings, issues of concern to the parents are brought to the Principal’s attention and he in turn informs them of developments in the school.

The Student Council is elected each year by the student body with a senior executive from 6th Years and acts as a voice for the pupils in the school.