The Board of Management is appointed by the College Trustees, who are the legal owners of the school and determine the purpose of the school and what it expects to achieve. It consists of four nominees of the trustees, two nominees of the parents (selected through the Parents’ Association) and two nominees of the teaching staff. The Board serves for a three year term. The College President is Chairman, and the Principal is the ex-officio Secretary of the Board. It is entrusted by the Trustees to look after the conduct, management, and financial administration of the school in accordance with the school ethos.




The members of the Board of Management 2019 – 2022 are:-

Rev Dr Dermot Ryan (Chairman)
Mr Michael Hogan
Ms Yvonne O’Dwyer
Mr Richard Mulrooney
Mr Paul Muldowney
Ms Gemma Costigan
Ms Jacqui Norton
Ms Hollie Hickey