Qualities of a Priest

The qualities and characteristics of a perspective candidate for the priesthood:

  • A personal relationship with God integrated through prayer and seen as an important and vital part of his life
  • Has the ability and willingness to talk about his faith
  • Has some involvement in his local parish
  • Has a desire to serve others and make a difference in people’s lives
  • Motivated by the mission of Jesus and ability to articulate it
  • Willing to sacrifice personally for the service of the Gospel and the Church
  • One who is approachable
  • Possesses a psycho-sexual-socio maturity
  • Has the ability to collaborate with others
  • Takes initiative and assumes responsibility for his actions
  • Recognizes the importance of the Church and the role of the Church as teacher.
  • Possesses the skills of self-mastery and discipline
  • Has shown the capacity and evidence of living a chaste celibate life
  • Has healthy relationships with men, women and children
  • Has average intelligence, common sense, good physical & emotional health
  • Recognizes the need to both give and accept support from others
  • Possesses a keen sense of empathy
  • Has leadership skills
  • The celebration of the Sacraments are important to him
  • Has the ability to nurture another person’s growth
  • He is open and respectful of all people
  • A person of integrity
  • An awareness of God’s omnipotent presence
  • Others have mentioned that he would make a good priest

This list does not exhaust all of the qualities needed to be an effective & holy priest…