27 May 2013|College News

St Kieran’s College was highly praised recently for its valuable contribution to the overall winning result for Kilkenny City in the recent IBAL Award.


St Kieran’s College: Grade A. Very impressive school grounds in mature setting (school was founded in 1782) – grass was neatly cut, colourful flower beds adorned the front building and the gates at the entrance were painted black and gold – all aspects of the school surveyed were in excellent condition.

A superb result for Kilkenny city winning the overall national 2012 IBAL (Irish Business Against Litter) Award 2012, with all sites surveyed getting the top litter grade. The approach roads were in particularly good order. The footpath and road surface along High Street have been attractively paved and The Parade looked fantastic – a wide open sweep, flanked by trees to one side and terraced buildings to the other. The site by the riverbank deserves a special mention as it had previously been problematic.