5 May 2018|Book an Event, Newsletters, Past Pupils, Reunions

The St Kieran’s College Alumni Association connects both past and present students of St Kieran’s College.

Plans are in place for this year’s Programme of Events around St Kieran’s College on the weekend of 29th/30th June 2018. On these days we will reconnect with each other and with the College. 

The annual two-day event, planned by the St Kieran’s College Alumni Association, begins with a Gala Banquet on Friday 29th June in Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel at 7.00pm, and culminating with a Golf Challenge on Saturday 30th June in Kilkenny Golf Club.

See below for details of the weekend event.

Click here to go to our online shop to purchase your Gala Banquet Ticket or for entry for the Golf Challenge.