7 March 2014|College News, Newsletters


A lot is happening: we continue to be a vibrant secondary school which is at the heart of all that we do here, its pupils the standard bearers today for the great tradition and history of the College: a research centre that facilitates the cooperation of the Carlow and Waterford Institutes of Technology; an outreach campus for the National University of Ireland Maynooth, which this year offered First Arts through the CAO for the first time; a centre for adult learning; a Certificate in Theology in conjunction with St Patrick’s College Maynooth for those involved in ministries in our parishes; the Diocesan Faith Development Office; the Forum Office and the Vocations Office.

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In this past year we hosted several wonderful class reunions along with the Annual College Reunion for those ordained from St Kieran’s. Much fun was had! It occurred to me, sharing in the laughter and story telling, that these men – our exports – are now the ambassadors for St Kieran’s College in the world today. They, like any of us who went here, have one thing in common – we are ‘black and white’ to the core. We still wonder: How are the College teams getting on? What is happening there now? What do today’s students think of the place? How are those who left here getting on? Are there any past pupils living near me? Where are my classmates and what are they doing now?

It is our exports therefore, our past pupils, that make us most proud. It is wonderful, then, when a former student comes back to the College, alone or with family, to share memories of time spent here. It is great to hear what so many have done and achieved in the years since they left the Glass Hall behind. It is, after all, for them and the fulfilment of their possibilities that we exist.

Since the first days of our existence, in 1782, we have worked to move people on. The College exists precisely for the function of educating people to the highest standards possible, in accordance with the values of the Gospel, so as to prepare them to head out into the world: their families, their parishes, their workplaces. We do this so that when they are there they are in a position, hopefully partially as a result of their time here, to achieve all that is possible for them and for those they love

Conscious of this we are hoping to try to establish a greater network of our past pupils – something as simple as a list of those who might like, two or three times a year, to receive an email updating them on what is going on in St Kieran’s College. With this in mind I would like to invite you to drop onto the College website and add your email address to the past pupils section or simply write to the College with your contact details. We would love to be in touch more frequently to tell you all that is happening.