3 February 2011|College News

College Chapel – The Pipe Organ

The Pipe Organ is situated on the west gallery of the beautiful College Chapel. It dates from about the 1800s and has been extensively rebuilt. Unfortunately, very little of the original organ remains intact today. At present it is totally unplayable and in a poor state.

The last major rebuild of the pipe organ was in 1964. It was increased considerably in physical size and moved to the side of the gallery. It was also “modernised”. All the original mechanical tracker action and soundboard was thrown out and replaced with 1960’s electric extension chests and electric action. Now almost 50 years later these electrical installations need to be replaced.

The original casework is still intact and is made of solid oak. While it too has suffered over the years there now exists a unique opportunity to restore the organ to its original specification and dimensions, using historically correct soundboards. Should this project proceed it will bring to completion the refurbishment of the College Chapel at all levels.

If you approve of this work and wish to be associated with the project a contribution/donation would be most welcome at this time. The plan is to collect a minimum of €15,000 and begin the basic work required.

All contributions to:

The Pipe Organ Restoration Fund

The President,

St. Kieran’s College,