Subject Choice

Subject Choice in St Kieran’s College

Each year students in St Kieran’s College must make decisions regarding the subjects they wish to sit for their Junior and Leaving Certificate Examinations. These decisions are made towards the end of 1st Year and Transition Year respectively. Students will make their decisions in consultation with their teachers and parents. In order to help both parents and students make a more informed decision regarding the subjects to choose, a meeting will take place for 1st Year and Transition Year parents in the College Theatre where advice and assistance will be given in order to ease this process.

The following documents may also be useful to both parents and students.

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The first document is our Guide to Subject Choice for 5th Year. This document provides a summary of the presentation given by our Guidance Counsellors Ms Anne Wemyss and Mr Brian Dowling at the meeting with parents each year and outlines some of the factors that parents and students should consider when making subject decisions for the Leaving Certificate and how they may affect their pathway to 3rd Level education later on. To further help in this process we have also included below on the right a subject description of all courses which are on offer here in St Kieran’s at Senior Cycle.

A Guide to Subject Choice at Senior Cycle

A Guide to Subject Choice at Senior Cycle

5th Year Subject Information

5th Year Subject Information


We are also very grateful to Mr Philip Walsh who is responsible for managing the process of subject choice in the school each year.










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A Guide to Subject Choice – Senior Cycle



5th Yr Form 20-21

If students, or parents, have any questions about the subjects or the process they should contact the school and we would be delighted to help.

Towards the end of their first year in the school, 1st Year students will also make choices regarding subjects for 2nd Year. The information contained in the documents below should help parents and students during this process. The school will organise a meeting for the parents of 1st years,  usually in January each year before the Parent/Teacher Meeting and every assistance will be given to both students and parents to ease the process.

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