16 October 2019|Academic, General News, Parents', Pastoral, Students, Transition Year

Mental Health Week


The hugely important Mental Health Week took place from Monday 7th – Friday 11th of October in St Kieran’s College. Over the past number of years, the Pastoral Care team have made an attempt to increase awareness of this week due to the huge importance that a positive mental health has in our lives. The Chaplain along with the Guidance Counsellors organise an event for each year group to partake in throughout the week. During Mental Health Week, the school walls are also decorated with positive mental health slogans for all our students to see.

On Monday, October 7th, First year students participated in a number of outdoor activities in teams incorporating all classes to take time out to get to know each other, improving friendships and bonds within their first few weeks in St Kieran’s College. Wednesday, October 9th proved to be a very busy day of talks for our senior years. Former Olympian and 2008 Olympic silver medalist, Kenneth Egan spoke about aiming to be the best you can be to all fifth year students. Later in the afternoon, Former Waterford manager and current Sunday Game analyst, Derek McGrath spoke to both Transition Year and Sixth year students about a number of topics including work ethic based on continual improvement, respect, characters, detail and improvement, to name a few.

Olympian Kenny Egan visited the school to tell his story during Mental Health Week. Photoed here with some of the students and Mr Fergal Brennan (Chaplain)

  On Thursday, October 10th, second year students participated in a similar afternoon to that of first years with a number of outdoor activities including hurling, soccer, rounders, gaelic football and relay racing to develop a number of characteristics including team work. To finish off the week, Third Year Students received a talk from Elma Walsh, mother of Donal Walsh from Tralee, Co. Kerry. Donal who fund raised tirelessly while battling Cancer has now had the Donal Walsh #Livelife Foundation set up by his family primarily in order to promote his anti-suicide #Livelife message. This message of living life to the fullest and appreciating everything you have around you continues to be highlighted by both Elma and her husband.

Elma Walsh, mother of Donal visited the school during Mental Health Week to share Donal’s story.

To conclude, Sixth Year Students had a final talk from Roy Nunn. Roy, who has a physically disability, explains how he still participates fully in sports despite not having all his limbs. Roy strongly reminded the students that they can achieve anything, the only obstacle being their own mind-set and attitude. Well done to the school Chaplain, Mr Fergal Brennan for organising Mental Health Week in the school and many thanks to all the guest speakers who passes on their powerful message to our students and to all those who contributed to a very special and successful week.