25 March 2020|General News, Parents', Students

In these challenging times for students, parents and staff, it is important to remain calm, informed and to have supports. This page will be updated regularly with updates from the HSE, the Department of Education, resources for students and teachers for online and distance learning and advice for parents in relation to health, wellness and working from home. Please click here if you are a student looking for career guidance advice. We hope that you and your family are safe and will remain safe throughout these difficult days. Should you need to contact us, then please email us at  the following email address and someone will respond to your query shortly: school@stkieranscollege.ie


26th March 

The PDST have published some really good tips and advice to all teachers who are now working from home. These useful tips are indeed relevant to all in our community, including students, who now find themselves working at home. It may be worth a few minutes to browse the link below to see if you can improve how you work from home.



25th March

A letter was sent to all principals and teachers from the Department of Education containing important advice to informing all young people about the importance of social distancing. It includes a link to an important public health message available in 17 different languages on:

  • How to prevent Covid-19
  • Symptoms
  • Who is at risk
  • An Information Booklet

The link to this public health message is available below:


In this letter, the following advice from NEPS (National Educational Psychological Services) was also given to young people while schools are closed:


Guides to parents supporting children with routines:


Students Plan for the Day:


Scoilnet provides good resources for parents and students and is available here:


The full letter which is relevant to all in our community is available here to view below:

Letter to all Schools


24th March

The following press release was issued by the Department of Education and Skills on Tuesday March 24th in which it states all schools, pre-schools and further and higher education settings will remain closed to students until 19 April 2020.


The following video outlines the importance of social distancing at this time and how effective good social distancing is:


We would also like to pass on the following message to our school community from President Michael D. Higgins to young people about taking social distancing seriously in order to stay safe and we would encourage everyone to read it:


Finally, at this time it is important to keep all of our school community in our prayers. See below for a prayer from Pope Francis for protection from the Coronavirus: