Sports Day

Sports Day is an annual event for St Kieran’s students and happens during the first term of the new school year. This is a day arranged by the PE staff which aims to allow all students take part in athletic events in both a competitive and non competitive environment. The overall winners of the day are the class with the most points. Each year amasses points for their class groups by participating in and having success in the various athletic disciplines. Points are awarded for initially participation and then for the top placings.

The day takes place in Scanlon Park sports centre. It is a mixture of Track and Field, 5 a side soccer and fun class events. Events are arranged for each year group and students only participate against their own year group. The events vary from the long distance and sprint races. Event include: 100 metres, 200 metres, 500 metres, 1,000 metres, 5,000 metres, 10,000 metres and relay races. There is the high jump, long jump, shot putt, javelin and discuss events. All of the competitions are competed for at a serious and jovial level. None more so than the 6th year relay race against the teachers. Therefore, all students are involved and enjoy the day.

Most students bring a packed lunch for sports day and avail of the centres facilities. However, the school allows a local shopkeeper and past pupil to make and sell sandwiches for any student who requires it.

For our sports day, the all weather soccer pitch is split in three for 7 a side soccer games. With the cage, four games take place at the same time. The teams are selected by each classes tutor. It culminates in a final between the teams with the most points from all the games. Games are refereed by teachers and some students who would prefer to ref. Penalty shoot outs are a common conclusion to these games.

Novelty events have been a feature of Sports Day since it began. Tug of war pitches classes against each other. Each class group supports their class mates by creating supportive chants. Each year group tug of war competition cumulates with a match against the female teachers and then the male teachers. ‘Pitch into the hoop’ is another novelty event that can achieve points for each class group. This involves chipping golf balls into a circular hoop. Many varied methods of achieving a hoop are accepted.

The winning class from each year is listed on the school notice boards and they receive a prize. In the past, prizes have been a day bowling, a day at the cinema, watching a local play or show. All in all, it’s a fun day for all and we end up with no homework! See for yourself some of the activities during this year’s Sports Day in Scanlon Park in the video below.