St Kieran’s has left a giant footprint on the history of hurling, maintaining a proud tradition in the nurturing, coaching and promoting of the game.  The players that have graced the corridors and the fields of the school include people like Rackard, Keher, Carroll, Carey, Kelly and Shefflin to name a few.  Of course there are many other greats who have been instrumental both on and off the field of play, in bringing the College to a unique status as All-Ireland Colleges Champions on numerous occassions.  It is because of Colleges like St Kieran’s that the G.A.A. has flourished into the unique national status that it commands today.  St Kieran’s College has been instrumental in ensuring down through the years that our heritage, in particular the game of hurling, has been maintained as a central part of our lives.

This great hurling tradition is as important now more than ever.  Any observer of the St Kieran’s College main entrance will witness countless students bringing their hurls along with their school bags through the gates.  Students carry their hurls throughout the school day as they would their school books.  At break times or after school, one will stumble upon countless students of all ages playing the famous “Wall Ball” or participating in a training session on one of the playing fields.  Hurling is a way of life for many of the students of the College, which is why it is crucial that everyone who wants to hurl gets the opportunity to do so.

It’s not long into their first term that First Years get the chance to show off their skills in a county hurling blitz.  There is also a First Year Inter Class League within the school, along with trials and training for the Juvenile Hurling and First Year Hurling panels.  Those who dont make these panels get more opportunities to hurl in more county blitzes which are held at the end of the school year.  The Junior hurling championship is held early in the year and our Third and Fourth Years can be seen training for this competition from as early as September.  Those who don’t make the Junior A team can try out for the B team who play in a local competition later in the year.  Many Third and Fourth Years students also get involved in their own class league. Of course the aim of every hurler that walks through the gates of St Kieran’s College is to make it onto the flagship team, the Senior hurling team. Trials for this team begin early in the year and needless to say, the competition is fierce for a place.  Training for the Senior league and championship continues throughout the school year.

St Kieran’s College hold a record 53 Leinster Colleges Senior Hurling Titles and a record 22 All-Ireland Colleges Senior Hurling Titles. The most recent All-Ireland Colleges Title was captured in 2018 following an outstanding display in the final in Semple Stadium in Thurles against a gallant Presentation College, Athenry. We hope you enjoy browsing through all of our hurling pages which contain video clips, match reports, team line-ups, match statistics and much more going back through the history of hurling in St Kieran’s.