St Kieran’s College has a long tradition of participation in equestrian events. The equestrian club has always played an important role in the life of the school. St Kieran’s competes each year in the Inter Schools show jumping leagues as well as cross country events.  Over the past number of years student participation in both events has grown from strength to strength.

In 2008 St Kieran’s College Equestrian Cub were delighted to renew our hosting of a leg of the Inter Schools show jumping league. Over the past five years the event was held in Warrington Top Flight Equestrian Centre in Kilkenny. This has proven to be a fantastic pairing with the facilities at Warrington catering capably with the large numbers who attend the event.

Each year the event has been held around the end of November. It attracts teams from all over the country. Usually over fifty schools enter the competition hailing from all over Ireland including schools as far away as Counties Meath, Clare and Galway.

All teams compete firstly in the outdoor arena followed by a round of jumping in the indoor arena. Warrington’s two arenas mean that the competition is able to flow quickly, promptly and punctually, making it an ideal location for such a large event. The courses in both arenas are designed by Warrington, who has been course building for over thirty years. Both courses provided a challenge for riders of all age groups. Spectators from all over the country can witness some fine displays of show jumping at this event.

St Kieran’s has also had success over the past number of years in cross country events. In recent years we have hosted the All Ireland Hunter Trials. This happens only once a year resulting in a huge attendance each year. Students of all levels and abilities enjoy participating in this event and look forward to it each year. Members of the equestrian club who have their own horses have the opportunity to participate in competitions as they arise.

The equestrian club which is open to all students who have a love of horses has swelled in numbers. The school is very supportive of the club and is delighted to offer this extracurricular activity to all who have an interest.