The Concern Debates have been running for over 20 years.   Since its inception over 45,000 students have taken part and over 130 schools participate annually. French debating has been developed this year. The debates aim to promote a deeper understanding and awareness of global issues.  Students also develop excellent skills in research, presentation, language and debating. St Kieran’s College students have been taking part in the Concern debates for the last number of years.

The motions for the debates are largely about development issues ranging from Climate Change, Genetically Modified Foods and the attitude of young Irish people to the Developing World.

Every year senior students in the school participate in four debates as part of the league phase of the competition. If successful the team continue to the knock-out phase after Christmas.

Huge preparation goes into researching and practising for each debate and students are mentored by Mr. Martin O’Neill and Ms. Jane Galway. Ms Evelyn Allen has developed a French debating team. Debates are held in the library or Hall 10 in St Kieran’s College and are attended by teachers, parents, students and school management.

All students involved in the Concern and French Debates gain invaluable experience and find the competition challenging and enjoyable.