Each year, Students raise awareness and much needed money for many charities.

Concern is an Irish-based aid agency working internationally in developing countries, and those suffering from a disaster such as recently in Haiti. It was founded as Africa Concern by a group of missionaries and their supporters to relieve distress during the Biafra war in Nigeria in 1968. Workers from Concern regularly visit the students of St Kieran’s College outlining the importance of their work, explaining the problems that persist in these countries and advising on how we can help to ease the suffering of the people living there. Such presentations have heightened the awareness of our students to the inequality that exists in the world today and we are very grateful to the Concern workers for visiting our school. Each year Concern organises a ‘fastival’ to raise money to help stop child nutrition. Students of St Kieran’s College take part and fast for 24 hours in November each year to raise some much needed sponsorship for Concern.

The Shoe Box Appeal is another worthy fundraising effort in St Kieran’s College. Each year, ours students raise awareness and fill their shoeboxes for the good of others.