10 December 2018|College News, Newsletters, Past Pupils
In what is now a wonderful annual tradition, St Kieran’s College invites all those linked to the College community to join us for an evening of festive song and refreshments.

A truly breathtaking evening of song is led by the student and staff choir before guests spend time together in the Dunne and Lanigan rooms celebrating the Christmas season.  Each year we invite all those partners to the school community – the Trustees, the Board of Management, the Parents Association, the College Alumni, staff and their families, students and their families and many friends of the College.  Why not join us this Wednesday evening 12th December at 7.30pm for this wonderful occasion.
This year those in attendance will have the opportunity to make a contribution, if they wish, to help support a past pupil of the College.  John Holmes is undergoing vital treatment and a number of his College friends have set up a group to help him.  You might search the John needs Pembro page on facebook for more information – but before that please come along as a chance to support him on Wednesday night.  As a Kieran’s man John is one of our own and we are delighted to do all we can to support.