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College Record 2012

Posted on 25. May, 2012 by in College Record

RECORD 2012I welcome with much gratitude the St Kieran’s College Record 2012. The main purpose of The Record is to chronicle all that has occurred and is happening since the last edition. It is with a source of great pride that I have the honour and pleasure in presenting this publication to you as I await confirmation of my successor as the next President.

This year, 2011/2012 is our 229th academic year. The results from the dedication and commitment of all involved in the life of our College flow through the pages of this year’s account of life at St Kieran’s – its continued growth, its ongoing development, its inclusive holistic and gospel centred approach to Irish education. Continue reading “College Record 2012” »

College Record 2011

Posted on 13. Oct, 2011 by in College Record

2011 coverThe publication of the College Record over the years has always been an occasion of celebration.  Each edition has been very well received. Each has included a comprehensive chronicle of the main events and the good news stories in the life of the College since the previous edition.  The 2011 edition is no different. I warmly welcome its publication.

However, on this occasion it would be remiss of me not to refer to the National Mood and climate in which we find ourselves. The ongoing challenging economic situation and the re-structuring of our country’s finances and banks continue to place many demands on all citizens, young and old.  Continue reading “College Record 2011” »

College Record 2010

Posted on 05. Feb, 2011 by in College Record

It is with a great sense of joy and gratitude for the many blessings that I welcome the 2010 edition of St. Kieran’s College Record. While the Record is a chronicle of all that has happened in the College during the last year, it also reflects the work of all the stakeholders.

The past year was indeed one of many blessings for the College – from the publication, with its hugely positive results, of the Whole School Evaluation Report by the Department of Education and Science, to the Choral Concert in the College Chapel and the retaking of the Croke Cup with a score of 2 goals 11 points thereby achieving our 17th All-Ireland senior hurling title. Continue reading “College Record 2010” »

College Record 2009

Posted on 04. Feb, 2011 by in College Record

I welcome with a gentle smile the 2009 edi- tion of St. Kieran’s College Record, which was first published in 1956. This edition, number twenty one, is not only a chronicle of life in the College during the past year but also reveals how St. Kieran’s has responded to the current needs of students and how it has planned for the future.

We are in our 226th academic year with one thousand registered students between the Secondary School and the Outreach Programme of N.U.I.M for mature students. At this point it is worth noting that N.U.I.M and St. Kieran’s College have agreed to work together for a further period of five years, which when completed will have been fifteen years of collaboration for the good of the wider community in Kilkenny, City, County and the region. Continue reading “College Record 2009” »

College Record 2008

Posted on 03. Feb, 2011 by in College Record

I welcome the St. Kieran’s College Record 2008. The Record is meant to chronicle all that has happened and is happening in the College since 2007.

The production of this Record owes much to the work and help of others especially members of the Secondary School Staff. However, if you keep in mind that we are in our 225th academic year and that St. Kieran’s has a world-wide spread we need to invite more contributions from all the countries where our past students are work- ing. I believe the time has come to issue an open invitation to our past students who are not lacking in ideas or the ability to make a written contribution. St. Kieran’s has a proud and living tradition and our past students will help us nourish the next publication of the record. In the meantime much thanks to all who have contributed to this edition. Continue reading “College Record 2008” »

College Record 2007

Posted on 02. Feb, 2011 by in College Record

I welcome this edition of the St. Kieran’s College Record which bravely attempts to chronicle the main events of the College during this, the 224th academic year.

The College campus is home to St. Kieran’s College Secondary School for boys, to Creidim, the Diocesan centre for Adult Religious Education and Faith Formation, to the Diocesan Forum Office and the Outreach programme of the National University of Ireland, Maynooth which with three hundred registered mature students celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Continue reading “College Record 2007” »

College Record 2006

Posted on 01. Feb, 2011 by in College Record

It is with a sense of optimism that I welcome this edition of the St. Kieran’s College Record. In keeping with the many changes which have taken place at St. Kieran’s over the past few years this edition mirrors these changes and it will strive, in future editions, to publish a chronicle of the main events in the life of the College since 2002, the 219th Academic Year, when a new-look Record was first presented.

St. Kieran’s College was founded, as you know, in 1782, the first Catholic school after the repeal of the Penal Laws. Over the decades St. Kieran’s has had to face serious challenges and much change but in all this time two pillars have remained constant and solid – our mission of (1) Education and (2) Formation based on Gospel Values. Continue reading “College Record 2006” »